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Im 19 and living in Ipswich, which isn't too exciting but I try to make it a bit more enjoyable by spending time with friends & family having a laugh and doing ART..most fashion illustrations, drawings and I've started to make garments now since I've been doing fashion at college.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hello prettyyyy necklace. A bit over the top i know but i like over the top! This has been inspired by all my research and is part of my show on top of my lovely tracksuit/space suit i made.. and another accessory piece!

Little bit of a mix up.. these are my clown/space peoplesss!

Felt and accetate booklet.. Experimenting with different colours and experimental/research stuff.. I like theseee :D

Experimental development work! :D .. These include some of the pictures from my photoshoot.

These are in relation to looking at rocks and minerals, which got me to where I am now..looking at Space, shapes and reflective surfaces!

Here are some quick, fashion ideas.. These ideas could be transfered into prints or fabric pieces sewn together. Playing around with ideas!

A1 collages - These are some big collage drawings I made, supporting my ideas and research! They respond to the Space theme and different shapes and patterns I have found.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Ilustration/Collage.. Here are a few funky/over the top fashion illustrations I have drawn. They involved some felt tip drawing, sewing and collaging! They all relate back to the base of my FMP - SPACE!!! These ladies have been on a journey to Space!

These are some examples which i have worked on in my stencils book. I filled a sketchbook with stencils for ideas for prints. These are a few which I came up with but didn't use for my final print.

INSPIRATIONS!..My research has been based on Artist/Designers such as Emma Bell - Katy Eary - Fred Butler - Agather Ruiz de la Prada ... Amazing use of materials, shapes and I love the designs.

These 2 fashion designs are one of many which I made based on the idea of Space and the Galaxy.. They carry on looking at shapes whilst trying to encorporate them into fashion designs.

These are some of my sample prints. I just wanted to play around see what worked and what didn't. I liked the prints with the black backgrounds which were printed slightly off the base prints but I didnt think the colours would be consistent throught a whole sheet of printing and there would be problems joining each screen. Overall. I really like them. Its a shame on here some of the colour has been lost though but in real life the colours are quite bright and neon. These are great examples of the effect i wanted to create relating to space; the fading colour effect on the circles remind me of planets.